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WETBC ( Wood Energy Technicians of British Columbia ) is the provincial governing body of the Wood Energy Technical Training Program in British Columbia.

WETT is Canada’s only system for training and recognizing professional competence in the field of residential woodburning. The program was developed to promote knowledge of and adherence to, the safety regulations governing residential woodburning systems among those who provide professional services to the public.

Since the first courses were offered in 1988, more than 3,000 people from all parts of Canada have participated. The members include Chimney Sweeps, Installers, Retail Sales People, Home Inspectors, Insurance Inspectors, Fire Suppression Inspectors and Building Inspectors

Upon completion of the selected courses and the required experience level, all participants of the Certification Courses provided by WETT and their Provincial Affiliates must send in to the Provincial Affiliate Governing them a Completed Occupational Analysis Form. This acknowledges that the applicant has achieved the necessary field training and experience as decided upon by WETT Inc.