1 Day Central Heating Systems Course

Intended for:
Installers, Salespeople and Chimney Sweeps

One full working day.
Successful completion of Code Compliance. Eighty (80) weeks of experience installing central heating systems is recommended and is required to achieve certification following this course.

To introduce participants to the knowledge and skills required for the design and installation of solid fuel central systems and to the regulations that apply to central systems.
To support, enhance and confirm knowledge acquired in field work.

The course provides the opportunity, in the form of a case study, to explore in detail the installation of an add-on wood furnace.
A case study on the installation of an add-on wood furnace.
Regulatory issues pertaining to central heating systems using solid fuels.
Review of central heating systems terminology.
Solid fuel boilers.
Trouble-shooting central systems.

Successful completion of this course (70% on the examination) provides one continuing education credit–fulfilling the mandatory WETT continuing education requirement.
Successful completion of this course (70% on the examination), when combined with the necessary 80 weeks of experience in the installation of central heating systems, results in WETT certification Central Systems Technician.