1 Day Site Comprehensive Course

WETT certified technicians and sweeps who have been certified for a minimum of two years.

One full day (8 am to 5 pm)

Prior to attending the course participants will need to:

· Review the new chapter 14 of the WETT Reference Manual (February 2009)

· Review NBC 9:21 (found in the WETT Reference Manual, chapter 4, section 4).

· Review NBC 9:22 (found in the WETT Reference Manual, chapter 9, section 9).

· Review B365-10

· Bring both your WETT manual and B365-10 with you to class

You must have been WETT certified for two years and have successfully completed the Chimney Sweeping course.

· To review the Levels of Inspection and SITE Guidelines and the roles and responsibilities for professionals when conducting comprehensive inspections of solid fuel appliances.

· To prepare you to conduct, document and report on a comprehensive inspection of a wood burning appliance and its venting system.

To create more uniformity in comprehensive inspection activities and reporting. Included in this course are: A review of Inspection Checklist forms that have been purposely developed to guide you in the field inspection, a documentation and reporting process that will provide you with the essential and required content for your Inspection Report.

· Levels of inspection and SITE guidelines

· Homeowner communication

· Comprehensive Inspection Reporting

· Factory-built chimney inspections

· Masonry chimney inspections

· Masonry fireplace inspections

· Factory-built fireplace inspections

· Fireplace insert and hearthmount stove inspections

All Installers and sweeps certified for a minimum of two years: Successful completion of the course (70% on the examination) results in WETT certification SITE Comprehensive Inspection