1 Day Smoke Spillage Prevention Course

Intended for:
All WETT certificate holders, but especially system advisors, installers and service personnel.

One full working day.
You must already be WETT Certified.

To introduce participants to the house as a system principle
To learn and practice system design concepts that can produce spillage-resistant installations
To learn improved diagnostic techniques and remedial measures to resolve smoke spillage problems

Smoke Spillage Prevention is the first of a two course series on viewing the chimney in the house as a system. The course introduces participants to the house as a system principles that can help them design systems that do notspill smoke into the indoor environment and to diagnose and resolve spillage problems in existing systems.

Introduction to the house as a system principle
How temperature difference, stack height and pressure difference affect chimney venting
The effects of wind on buildings and chimneys
The effects of fan-induced negative pressure
A case study on diagnosing spillage problems

Successful completion of the course (70% on the examination) provides one continuing education credit – fulfilling the mandatory WETT continuing education requirement.