2 Day Chimney Sweep Course

Intended for:
Chimney Sweeps

Two full working days plus evening study
Successful completion of Code Compliance. Eighty (80) weeks of chimney sweeping experience is recommended and is required to achieve certification following this course.

To introduce participants to chimney sweeping techniques and to the roles and responsibilities of chimney sweeps.
To support, enhance and confirm knowledge acquired in field work.

The course provides the opportunity for participants to explore in detail the tools, techniques and safety procedures required for success as a chimney sweep.

Regulatory issues related to sweeping
Potential hazards and risk prevention
Diagnosis and trouble-shooting
Tools and techniques used in sweeping
Communicating with the householder
Oil and gas systems
Masonry chimney repair
Sweeping after a chimney fire

Successful completion of the course (70% on the examination), when combined with the necessary 80 weeks of chimney sweeping experience, results in WETT certification Chimney Sweeping