2 Day Woodburning Course

Intended for:
Installers and Salespeople


Two full working days plus evening study
Successful completion of Code Compliance. Eighty (80) weeks of installation or sales experience is recommended and is required to achieve certification following this course.

To introduce participants to skills and concepts such as system design and problem diagnosis.
To confirm skills and knowledge acquired through field experience.
To support on-the-job and in-store training.

The course candidates are expected to possess the knowledge and skills outlined in the Occupational Analysis manual for the occupational category in which they work.

A case study on space heating system design, meeting customer objectives, installation planning and installation.
A case study on inspection and remedial measures for an existing masonry chimney and uncertified cook stove.
A case study on the installation of a fireplace insert
A case study on the installation of a factory-built fireplace.
A case study on the installation of a chimney liner.

Successful completion of the course (70% on the examination), when combined with the necessary 80 weeks of installation or sales experience, results in WETT certification Technician or Advisor.